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My first time at Firefly was a good one! Met a lot of people, made a lot of friends. I caught some interesting moments from my first time at Firefly. The community is immediate and strong, the people are friendly and comfortable, and the atmosphere is filled a mix of an emotional, nostalgic energy that you get caught up in within the first hour of setting up camp. Speaking of the camps, while the entirety of Firefly is a community in itself, walking around the grounds you see that there are several large communities that offer their resources and talents to the rest of Firefly. That is perhaps my favorite thing to walk away with; the feeling of being part of a community of people, no longer strangers, who just bring anything and everything they have to the table, whether it be food, water, power, light, talent, love, or a conversation. Either way it all adds up to a good time where people can express themselves in any way they feel they should, can, or are able to, and in a lot of cases they teach you to express yourself in that way through the classes that are offered. So not only do you walk into an amazing community of people getting together to have a good time, but you walk away with talents that you have only dreamed of, from fire dancing, to finding new sources of energy and power for our planet and society. These may just be hobbies that you progress in, or they may become professions that you master. But I love, and have always loved (but never experienced), the idea of a community of perfect stranger, soon to be friends, who get together to have a good time playing around with art and life.

... and did i mention that you get to burn a huge BUG!